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The Enfusion brand’s own reality series already taped 7 editions. This is a unique experience for the viewers as they get to witness how the fighters live, train, and what fills their mind before a fight.

SEASON 7 “NEW LEAGUE BLOOD” The best fighters of the 72kg and 85kg categories square off in exciting challenges and tremendous tournament fights in their respective category to qualify to the new Enfusion League competitions where the winners can earn a 200,000 euros cash prize.

SEASON 6 “CELEBS MEET PROS” Ever wondered how hard it is to be a professional kickboxer? In this season, celebrities like former footballer Zé Maria, will put on the gloves to see how they fare in the world of kickboxing!

SEASON 5 “LADIES EDITION” A special edition where the roles are reversed! The competition is fierce among the 16 female competitors from 16 countries coached by their male counterparts! This time the Ladies want to prove their level in a high-intensity 54kg category tournament. The first 4 seasons all focused on a different weight category including Heavyweight and light heavyweight! Every season of Enfusion Reality features different weight categories or objectives. The participants are split into 4 groups consisting of 4 fighters and one captain from the opposite sex. The fighters have to work together and support their teammates but in the end, only one will be crowned as champion!


Technical Details:

  • Reality series
  • 16*1 hour programs per season
  • Delivery on FTP or HDD
  • 16:9 HD (4:3 title safe graphics)
  • English, Spanish, and French commentaries and narration & International clean sound
  • English graphics and scripts



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