After more than 14 years in the business, our team has proved that we are the worldwide experts in combat sports media rights. Our know-how is unique, mixing the passion of combat sports fans and the sharp eye of TV professionals. We know what both fans and broadcasters expect in terms of production quality for TV programs. This special recipe makes Fighting Spirit unique and successful on the market.

Today, Fighting Spirit’s catalogue keeps growing impressively and features more than 1,000 hours of premium programs available either live or delayed.


“The World is broadcasting our programs and we are very proud of it.”


With passion, determination, and hard work, we turned Fighting Spirit into a reference on the international market. However, our challenge goes on and we keep on looking towards the future to strengthen our status as the leader in this very fast-growing market.

Fighting Spirit enters its 15th year in the sports business in 2019 and we still have the drive to learn every day thanks to our love for combat sports and broadcast media.


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