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Latest News

February Live events with Fighting Spirit

Live fight nights offered by Fighting Spirit in only 29 days !   ...

Enfusion Live goes to Thailand

Enfusion Live will take place in Thailand for the first time on February ...

Eleven Sports Network broadcasts Fighting Spirit Live events

Posted on Dec 7 2015, notably on   & ...


About Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit specializes in the development, production and international distribution of sports entertainment programs throughout the world. Fighting Spirit provides a complete variety of fight sports TV shows from traditional martial arts to wrestling or cage fighting, including Live World Championships in 16:9 HD.

Our library of programs is a set of 1000 hours of HD content that can be seen on screens all around the world.

Whether you are a TV channel manager, a program distributor or a fight sport programs amateur, we invite you to visit our website, to look through our catalogue and to contact us if you need more information about our activities.


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